Hi.  I'm April, although you'll see me on here as Aprilcot (when I was a kid someone gave me an apricot and I said, "That's not an apricot, that's an Aprilcot."  Funny story I actually hate apricots).  I'm an almost-thirty country-girl-turned-suburbanite who's still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. 

High school country girl

Corporate grown-up

I'm a total contradiction - I love to clean and organize, but at times I'm a complete slob; I love planning, but I'm a massive procrastinator; I'm outgoing and social, but I hate people (not all people, just stupid ones). 

I used to blog about things like my addictions to Starbucks, purses, and office supplies, and how much I loved my Blackberry.  Now, I'm a working-full-time-mom-of-two (one canine, one human), and I find myself blogging about daycare, menu planning, and going to the dentist.  

My husband is all kinds of amazing - he makes me laugh, knows how to calm me down when I get all worked up, and totally puts up with me always yelling, "Wait, don't move until I get the camera."  We met in 2003 and haven't spent more than a couple of days apart since then.

His usual expression when I haul out the camera..."Really, again?"
If you think a dog does not count as a child, you've obviously never owned a miniature dachshund.  Bruiser was great training for children, as he woke up every hour at night to pee when he was little, and he whines like a two-year old. Now at almost four he sleeps all day and has a plethora of gray hair (those may or may not be from Busy).

Busy arrived in 2010, and while my life has definitely changed, it's become so much better...although I can no longer watch Law & Order: SVU - a former favorite show - because I can't stand to think about crimes against children.  At first I was sad every day that she was getting older, but now that the hormones have calmed down, I look forward every day to seeing the new things that she's discovering on her own.

I dream of being Martha Stewart-esque (minus the jail time) and actually enjoy cooking, cleaning, and decorating (although I'm still learning to decorate - I'm sort of afraid of color).  I love anything and everything about Harrison Ford.  If money was no object I'd buy a thousand acres in the country and live out my days surrounded by nothing but my family and my animals (although we'd have to make several trips a week to Starbucks and Target - I know I said no more Starbucks, but if money were no object...).

So that's my wonderful, sometimes routine, sometimes random life.  Hope you enjoy reading about it!  Get to know me even better by reading about my journey into healthy living on my other blog, See April Lose.