Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Weekends

I've been trying to spend more of my weekends at home.  I hate it when you have a weekend that is so jam-packed full of things that at 9:30 on Sunday night you're trying to make lunches for the next day, do laundry, put a load of dishes in the dishwasher, and take a shower because you haven't showered all weekend and you don't want your freshly-laundered sheets to get dirty.

When I was on maternity leave, weekends didn't matter.  One day blended into the next with tranquility and peace, stress-free, only to be occasionally punctuated by stress brought on by a crying baby.  I can only imagine it's what retirement is like (minus the crying baby and the fear in the back of your mind that you have to someday return to work).  Maternity leave became a problem for me, however, when I began shopping.

A lot.

Fast asleep
All the money that the Husband and I saved when I was pregnant?  Yeah it got spent.  By me.  On crap.  See here was the problem - when Busy was tiny, she had feeding issues.  When we were at home, she would cry.  And cry.  And eat.  And eat again every 30 minutes because the nonfat milk I produced wasn't keeping her satisfied for very long.  When we went somewhere, she slept.  She was peaceful.  She'd eat, and then she'd fall asleep in her car seat again.  It was a beautiful thing.

Really though, the shopping started the month that I was off before she was born.  Every day, I'd go shopping.  Usually, it was to return items from baby showers that I'd gotten duplicates of, or that I'd decided I didn't want.  (Returning things from a registry is awesome - seriously, I want to create registries more often.  Just for me.  Just so I can return.)  This was okay at first, because I was shopping, but I was also returning. 

Unfortunately, that got me into the habit of going somewhere every day.  After Busy was born, it was nice just to have something to look forward to (I stayed in my house for two weeks (I had a c-section) and after that was going out of my mind).  We went to Starbucks (always the drive-though, I didn't want to take her out of the car and expose her to germs at first...or expose anyone in the store to my yoga pants and hasn't-been-washed-in-four-days hair), and that was our outing for the day.  Then, we started going to Starbucks and Babies R Us.  Or Starbucks and Goore's, the locally-owned and awesome baby-store.  We went anywhere that was "baby-friendly."  I even looked forward to dr's appointments, because I knew that if Busy cried, I'd get sympathy looks instead of death-glares.

As Busy's eating habits improved (read: I started supplementing her on formula), we started venturing to more places.  We'd hit Target - a lot.  We'd drive to the outlets.  We went everywhere.  And everywhere we went, we shopped.

My little shopper
When I went back to work, we'd go out on the weekends.  Busy is such a good little shopper.  She minds her manners in her stroller or the cart, she helps me make decisions by pointing to the item I should get (when I'm deciding between two of something), and she is so social that she loves people and always seems to be on her best behavior for strangers.

Exersaucer fun!
But then, I'd end up in the awful spiral of late-night-Sunday madness.  I'd swear I was going to do things differently the next weekend, and I'd only go out on Saturday, while spending Sunday at home.  As Busy has gotten older, this has gotten easier.  She is happier at home now - she sits on her quilt on the floor and plays with toys, she plays in her exersaucer, and she rolls across the floor to play with the vertical blinds on the sliding glass door.  She also loves to sit outside on the grass and watch her dad work on the garden (or the shed he's building, or whatever else he's doing to our yard at the time). 

I've remembered lately how much I love spending time at home.  When I was pregnant, I'd clean all day Friday (I sure miss furloughs), do nothing all day on Saturday, and go grocery shopping and prep dinners and lunches on Sunday.  And I was happy.  Now that Busy is happy and occupied at home, we're spending more time just hanging out there.  We're doing chores, going for walks, and enjoying this place that we call home (sorry, sounds sappy but it's true!).

Hangin' at Home Deeps
This past weekend, I failed miserably at spending time at home, but it was for a good cause.  Saturday we went shopping and had lunch with good friends (and Busy's Bestie!), then hung out with my aunt who was visiting from out of state (from her I learned there is a second verse to "I'm a Little Teapot").  Sunday Busy and I ran some errands and then went to out to dinner as a little family with the husband.  It was nice, except that then we went to Home Depot and got home at 8:30.

Next weekend, I'm looking forward to spending more time at home.  I want to spend some time doing some batch cooking, I need to can some more beans, and I want to catch up on some cleaning.

Or, I'll just sing "I'm a Little Teapot" a million times and play on the floor with Busy. 
Who wouldn't want to hang out with this face?