Friday, April 8, 2011

I've got the itch

Not an itch, gross.  No, the itch.

I've been itching to blog lately. Really, I just had to scratch my arm.

However, did you know that a baby, plus housework, plus an urgent special project at your full-time job equals not a lot of time for blogging? Who would have thought?

So I've been a little busy this past month. My own little Busy turned 7 months old last Friday, April 1st. I cannot believe 7 months have gone by. It seems beyond comprehension. I was okay with her turning 6 months, because that was just 6. 7 months is more than half a year; in fact, it's almost her first birthday (and yes, I have started planning her first birthday party, because really, it's just around the corner). When she was born, I got sad everyday that she was growing up (thank you hormones); as she got a little older, I kept good memories of her being tiny, embraced the fact that she was learning new things, and was happy with her growing older. For some reason, the 7 month birthday has brought me the birthday blues.

Sitting in her high chair for the first time

Drinking out of a straw like a pro!

Yum, sweet potatoes...

One of my favorites...her dad gets a similar mischievous look on his face at times...

Busy is doing amazing, though - rolling over, sitting up, pushing up on her arms and legs (although no crawling yet) and thoroughly enjoying solid foods. Her current favorites are mangoes and those little cereal puffs. She chomps away with her two bottom teeth (teething = worst period of my life) like she's got a huge bite of steak in her mouth, looking immensely proud of herself the entire time. She talks literally all the time, too - and not just babbling. She has babbled since the day she was born, but this past week she's surprised us with very clearly pronounced "bababa" and "dadada." I know that doesn't mean anything, but she only says "dadada" when her dad is in the room, so I'm pretty sure she knows who he is. And I think "bababa" is Bruiser...

What a sight to wake up to in the morning.
Bruiser likes to burrow under his blanket.

Then he has dreams and rolls over...
On Thursday of this week I completed a project at work that has been six (almost seven) weeks in the making. It was a high level project that turned out to be very political because of the positions involved, and while I learned a lot, I hope not to have to do anything like it any time soon. Besides being exhausted, I don't like politics and I hate people who play the game...I know it's how many people get ahead in this world, but I'm a firm believer in getting ahead through honest hard work. It may not happen all the time, but it does still happen.

My house is a mess (which terrifies me) but my garden is planted, thanks to the hubby. We didn't go hog wild with tomatoes and peppers like last year, so we still have an empty section of the planter box. I'm thinking of a few more tomatoes so I am able to do a lot of canning this summer, but I may plant a few items to make food for Busy (squash, pumpkins, something along those lines).

I've got ideas in the works for quite a few posts, and I'm hoping to find the time now to be able to write them. For now, this has been a brief update on my life. Hope you enjoyed it!