Friday, January 7, 2011

Whoa, what happened?

Man, what happened to my blog? I take off for five months to have an adorable baby and when I come back to blogging, it looks different! I'm going to have to figure out why my blog doesn't look like my blog and try to fix it for you guys.

In the meantime, I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I told myself that since I have no time at home, I'd spend my breaks at work (now that I'm back, ugh) blogging. I haven't done it in the last two days, but today I read something about blogging posted by the Pioneer Woman that stuck with me. She said, Just blog (basically). Really she said you don't have to post a novel, just write something, and don't give in to writer's block.

So here I am, writing something.

And here's a picture of my absolutely adorable little offspring (no I'm not biased) who turned four months old on January 1st. I can't believe she's so big! On a related note, I turned 29 yesterday, January 6th, and I'm trying not to think about how old I am. It was the first birthday where it didn't feel like my birthday, and like it didn't matter that much anymore...and I wasn't sad about it. Guess that's what having kids does to you, makes you care more about others than yourself!

Bye-bye for now!

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  1. YOU'RE BACK! You're officially still a blogger, so you can attend the blogger meet-up. :-) Heehee.

    Yes, your offspring is ADORABLE. I can't wait to meet her someday!


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