Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm So Crafty

Well, I like to think of myself as a fairly crafty person, but here’s my little secret- I’m not very creative. I’m great at seeing something, figuring out how it was made, and duplicating it, but original ideas…? I don’t really have ‘em.

When I was on maternity leave I went shopping – a lot. Busy is a great little shopper, and some days she would only take substantial naps in her car seat, so off to window shop we’d go (okay usually it wasn’t window shopping, but that is beside the point). One day we were in a local children’s store, and I saw something called a “Taggie.”

At first I thought, that’s stupid, it’s a piece of fabric with some ribbon sewn on the edges. Busy, however, seemed mesmerized. She loved the feel of it, and had I let her, those ribbon “tags” would have been in her mouth faster than you could imagine. Thinking it would be a good toy for her to chew on while in her car seat, I was going to purchase it.

Until I looked at the price tag.

$14.99 for a tiny little piece of fabric and some ribbon! I couldn’t bring myself to pay that amount, but oh, how Busy loved it! The solution – I made my own.

It was so easy. I had some extra fabric at home, along with a selection of ribbon thanks to my newfound hobby of making pacifier clips. A few snips, a few pins, a little sewing, and ta-da! My very own, very inexpensive, “Taggie.”

What do you think?

In reality all the ribbons are the same length, so I'm not sure what visual trick I used to make the red ribbon appear to be so much longer than the rest.


  1. Love it!! Does Busy like it too?

  2. That is amazing! I'm jealous of you talents that can sew! It's not something that I can do anymore....I may have to venture into trying to make one of those for the numerous number of babies that are being born around me!

  3. Katie Busy LOVES it! It's her constant companion in her carseat, and I even made her a larger one for at home.


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