Friday, July 16, 2010

Let me tell you about my morning

Today must just not be my day. I woke up late and almost, almost stayed in bed…now I’m thinking I should have.

Let me describe my morning to you.

The husband and I carpool to work. Usually we take my car, but as I get more and more pregnant, getting in and out of his truck is easier than getting in and out of my car, so today we happened to be in his truck. I drive to my building, and Husband takes over from there, driving to his building since he has free parking and I don’t.

This morning, I’m getting on the freeway, and attempting to merge all the way over into the carpool lane. I’m almost there, but I stop in the 2nd lane to let a motorcycle and white Sequoia go by in the carpool lane. I can see another car coming, but they’re fairly far back, so I accelerate and move over. And since I’m in the V-8 truck and not my gutless car, I mean accelerate. No one could have accused me of cutting this other car off (which also happened to be a Sequoia, but was blue).

So we’re driving along, and I can see the carpool lane ahead of me…it is non-stop cars. We’re going about 60, and the single-car lanes next to us are doing about the same. All of a sudden, I notice blue Sequoia from behind me is next to me, and sure enough, she merges right over in front of me. SHE SPED UP TO GET ONE CAR AHEAD OF WHERE SHE WAS! And not only that, but I was right behind the white Sequoia in front of me, so she cut me off to go no faster than she was going before. I began to give her the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe she couldn’t see through my tinted windows and thought I was holding up traffic. But I think that's unlikely.

I noticed that I could actually get over one lane and speed up, passing the now three vehicles (two Sequoias and a motorcycle) in front of me, so I did. Yes, part of me was doing this because I was pissed at the blue Sequoia (which happened to be driven by a short middle-aged woman who probably couldn’t see over the wheel), but whatever…I moved up and in front of the slower traffic without cutting anyone off.

So, we’re driving along, and I’m once again behind some cars that are going about 60 or so. I tend to leave quite a bit of space in between me and the car in front of me; this is a habit from learning to drive in a vehicle without power brakes. There are cars slightly ahead of me in the lane next to me, but at the rate I’m going, someone could BARELY squeeze in front of me (however they would definitely be cutting me off and I’d have to slam on my brakes). All of a sudden, I happen to glance to my right and…BLUE SEQUOIA IS SPEEDING UP TO PASS ME! She’s also flipping me off WITH HER CHILD IN THE FRONT SEAT (I don't really know why she's flipping me off at this point, since when I passed her I also passed two other vehicles and didn't cut anyone off...perhaps she was just angry)!! Instinct kicked in and I floored it, closing the very small gap in front of me so that she couldn’t cut me off once again (I may have also flipped her off, but she deserved it; this was before I could see there was a child in the car).

Now, blue Sequoia is behind me yet again. There was now a bit of space in front of me as some cars had merged out of the carpool lane. I could have sped up, as I was still going only about 60 MPH, and the speed limit is 65. However, I am of course a cautious driver, so I felt it would be unsafe to speed up with this much traffic around me.

What would you do in this case?

You got it - I took my foot off the accelerator and coasted for a bit.

Normally, I don’t condone this type of behavior, but I have to admit, it was very calming.

A few minutes later, blue Sequoia merged out of the carpool lane yet again, so I sped up and left her in my dust. I think she was going to get off the freeway, but she could have been moving over to pass me. Either way, F her.

So later this morning, I experienced another incident. This one is in no way bad, yet just annoying (at least to me). I didn’t have time to eat breakfast this morning, so I went down to our cafeteria about 9:00 a.m. to get something to eat. I ended up choosing to stand in the grill line; usually when I get breakfast I just get hashbrowns, but French toast was all of a sudden calling my name!

You should know that the grill line at work often takes FOREVER. There were two women behind me in line, chatting about banking. I couldn’t help overhear, because they were standing very close (but that’s another blog topic), and because, so sue me, I like to listen; I think human behavior is interesting, and that involves listening to people and watching them.

So these two women, one near my age and one nearing retirement age, are talking about our local credit union. We happen to have an ATM for said credit union in our building, so it’s a very popular bank for employees to bank at. The younger woman was complaining because there are not many branches of this credit union near her house, but it’s so convenient because the ATM is here at work. The older woman joined in on the complaining, talking about her son who lives in Southern CA. Apparently there are “no” (and I quote) branches of said credit union down south, so she cannot transfer money into her son’s account. (I’d like to stop here and point out that she’s wrong, and there are branches of said credit union throughout California. Also, I’m assuming based on her age that her son is of at least college age, if not older; the fact that she is still putting money in his account worries me.) She then continues by stating that she told her son she’d just have to mail him money.

(Allow me to stop here yet again. In today’s day and age, there is NO REASON for anyone to send money through the mail. It just isn’t safe. I’m a member of the aforementioned credit union, as are my parents, and years ago my mom linked her account to mine (and vice versa) so that we could transfer money to each other. Years ago.)

So I’m standing there, yearning to tell these women that a) yes there are branches of said credit union down south; b) she should really link her account to her son’s so she can easily transfer money; and c) you’re a member of a credit union, you can go to ANY OTHER CREDIT UNION and withdraw or deposit money at their ATMs for FREE!

It really bothers me that there are people this stupid in the world. Okay, maybe they don’t know there are other credit unions down south, but wouldn’t you think about maybe doing some internet research? See where the closest branch is to your son. Call up the bank and ask them what the easiest way to transfer money to your son is (because clearly, this woman nearing retirement age was not technologically saavy, so okay, maybe she didn’t think about linking their accounts).

So I’m standing there, just burning with the desire to correct them, because I hate it when people have incorrect information (and sue me, I like to be right, and in this case, I know I am). Also, I don’t mind when strangers talk to me (such as the old ladies in the grocery store that apparently love me and always talk to me). However, since meeting the Husband, I’ve learned there are many people unlike me. He HATES it when people make random conversation with him in the store. With this in mind, I’m hesitant to interrupt the stupid women, because I now realize there are people who don’t want a stranger’s input.

In the end, I didn’t interrupt them. But I’m still thinking about it, because again, it bothers me that they have incorrect information and apparently don’t have the smarts to think outside the box a little bit.

Is it just me, or would that have bothered anyone else?

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