Monday, July 12, 2010

Clean House Anyone?

I’m back!!!

Well, I’m trying to be back, at least. I’ve decided that my time would be better spent capturing your attention with my creative prose than surfing the web reading boring and/or depressing news stories about our state’s financial woes. Okay or I’m just bored so I’m going to blog.

Thanks to satellite TV, I’ve greatly expanded my repertoire of television shows from just Law & Order and Criminal Minds to cooking shows, reruns of awesome oldies, and even some reality TV shows. One show I’ve been watching (well, I guess they’re split into two) is Clean House and Clean House: Search for the Messiest Home in America. At first I was addicted (much to Grant’s chagrin, as he hates the sound of Neecy’s (sp?) voice), but now I’m starting to be selective about which episodes I watch. Here’s why.

Long ago I watched that show with Ty Pennington where they find a family, and completely redo their house in seven days. I stopped watching it because I got sick of the sappy stories and the realization that these people would probably trash the house after a few years anyway (and besides, half these houses were in the ghetto…perhaps you should have just bought them a nicer house in a nicer neighborhood to give them a little boost ahead in life…because their ghetto neighbors are probably going to tag/rob/f*%k up their house in some way).

Then I started watching a show on BBC America called How Clean is Your House? These two British ladies come in to houses that are not only full of clutter but dirt, trash, grime, and quite often parasites as well, clean it all up, and teach the homeowners how to clean. They don’t replace any furniture, they don’t redecorate, and they simply clean it up.

Now I’m watching the aforementioned Clean House series and once again, I’m starting to get sick of it. Why? Take these two examples. Example number 1 involves a woman who has a good job as a nurse, two spoiled daughters (they admitted on the show they get whatever they want…and btw both are over 18 and live at home), a husband who is always out of town, a very nice, large house, and a shopping addiction. Her house is full of clothes with the tags on them, and clearly she is not hurting for money. She also admitted that she is not ready to make a change in her life (not shopping), but just wants someone to come in and clean up her house.

Example two is a woman who has been divorced for about a year and has four boys, ranging in age probably from pre-teen to early twenties. This woman was a stay at home mom for years, then had to get a job when she got divorced, so she doesn’t have much time to clean. She did everything around the house, and her four boys played sports and sat in their “man cave” and played video games, doing nothing to help mom.

In Example #1, the family did end up getting rid of stuff, but I hated to see them get their house redesigned, especially since Neecy “gifted” them a brand new, clearly expensive (and extravagant aka ugly) bedroom set. This woman brought everything on herself by shopping all the time, not cleaning up her house, and not teaching her daughters to clean up after themselves (and not punishing them when they contributed to the mess). In fact, she didn’t even seem that appreciative with all the hard work the Clean House crew did.

In Example #2, I almost cried when they revealed the house because the mother was so emotional and so thankful. Her boys really stepped up, sold their stuff to help buy their mom a new bedroom set, and even wrote out chore lists and learned to do laundry and iron their clothes. The entire family really learned a lesson, and you could tell that they were ready to make changes in their lives and the boys were ready to actually help their mom, as they could see they’d been taking advantage of her for years.

I guess that my point with all this is I’m tired of seeing people taking advantage of the system, getting things for free without really having to work for them, and basically being dead beats. No, I’m not perfect, and sure, I’ll take some things for free. But, I work hard, I had to learn to control my spending on my own, and I think there are always creative solutions to your problems, you just have to work hard to find them.

Although maybe this was their creative solution…?

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