Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Likes and dislikes

NOTE - I edited my last statement regarding what I don't like about pregnancy...because I realized it sounded harsher than I meant it to.

Things I like about being pregnant (so far):

  • Being pregnant in general.
  • Getting to experience being pregnant myself instead of listening to others talk about it.
  • Knowing that at the end of pregnancy, there’ll be a cute baby.
  • Knowing that if I overindulge every once in awhile, it’s okay…the baby needs nutrition!
  • If I’m not feeling well, my husband takes very good care of me.
  • During the first 10 weeks, knowing that I had my own little secret.
  • That I’m not barfing (although feeling queasy is no picnic).

Things I don’t like about being pregnant (so far):

  • Having headaches and not being able to take anything (those of you who know me know I used to have headaches every day, and quite often didn’t take anything…but knowing that I CAN’T take anything somehow makes the headache worse).
  • Feeling tired ALL THE TIME.
  • Feeling occasionally queasy and quite often bloated.
  • That my digestive tract has slowed, and I quite often feel sick after eating.
  • My pants already feel snug, and the waist digs into my stomach when I sit.
  • People constantly asking me how I feel and/or offering unsolicited advice*.

*This last bullet refers not to friends and family who actually care about how I feel, but about those people (be they coworkers, strangers, acquaintances) who use "How are you feeling?" as a conversation starter, when really we have nothing to say to each other.


  1. go get yourself some full panel pants at Kohls...i waited until almost the end of my pregnancy and wis i would have bought them so much sooner!! (just some more unsolicited advice!) ;)

  2. and can you tell I'm typing with a 9 month old in my arms?? Geez, spelling anyone?

  3. Do you know the rubber band thing with the button? I can show you. It is a nice solution while you're in-between regular and maternity clothes and with a long shirt it won't show.


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