Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Don't Do Resolutions

For the last two years, I’ve made resolutions. To be completely honest, I can't remember what they were...although I do remember putting a lot of thought into them and feeling that they were grown-up, mature, reachable goals.

Since I don't remember them, I have a feeling I didn't achieve many of those goals.

This year I'm doing something a little different. I'm going to name one "goal" at a time (rather than resolution...that seems so final) that I'm going to attempt to achieve. Rather than measure success by whether or not I achieve said goal, I'm going to measure success by whether I change my habits and work toward the goal. If my goal is to get healthy (this is more broad than I would make my goal, but just as an example), I’d measure success not by how much weight I lost, but by whether I was going to the gym or doing some form of exercise regularly and consistently, or whether I’d incorporated more fruits into my diet, etc.

My first goal for 2010 was inspired by my friend Katie’s blog (you can read her inspirational post here). She describes her utter frustration with women who leave the house looking trashed. Now, I don’t leave the house in sweats and slippers, but lately, well, I’ve stopped caring a whole lot. It’s really a combination of laziness, having just enough self-confidence to not care what others think, and well, laziness. I never leave the house in PJs, although sometimes I’m in jeans and a sweatshirt, because it’s comfy. I don’t normally wear makeup on the weekends anymore, and even during the week I only do my eyebrows and slap on some mascara. My hair – well, it has its ups and downs (literally…and its frizzies, its greasies, and its flats). I try to always look put together, but sometimes, in the rush to get out the door, I feel frumpy, not cute.

So – my first goal is to spend more time…on myself. I will ALWAYS do something to my hair, and I will no longer let it get to that day where you just don’t want to wash it because it’s cold outside so you throw some baby powder in it and put it in a ponytail (wait, are you saying you didn’t notice my hair today?).

I will always put my face on, even on days when I am supremely lazy. This will include, at a minimum, eyebrows, mascara, and lipgloss. During the work week, it should also include powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and blush.

I will spend some of my free time primping, plucking, exfoliating and moisturizing. I hate doing any and all of that, but I will make an effort to have trimmed nails, smooth skin and non-reptilian heels.

I will continue my exercise routine with gusto (it needs some gusto…in the last month it really got some wind taken out of its sails). This is not necessarily to lose weight, but to help me sleep and give me some energy.

Finally, I will go to bed at a decent hour every night so that I don’t hit snooze eight thousand times in the morning, only to finally wake with a headache because I slept so little and so not well.

Thanks Katie for the virtual push – and thanks everyone for reading! Keep an eye on the blog for periodic updates to this goal, as well as other goals for 2010.


  1. I just commented Katie too. :) I want to see what you guys say when you have kids. ;) I'm guilty of the lazies, but I was laughing because when they're teeny, you're lucky when everybody is even clean... and then there's your clothes that don't fit just after the baby is born except sweats. It's all good though. It's much better now that the kids are older and I can actually get dressed. And hey, PS, you are BEAUTIFUL and you don't really need makeup, lady. You've got one of those great faces that looks good either way and PPS I'm jealous. You have visible eyebrows, at least. :)

  2. I agree with Heather - you're gorgeous! I've always been jealous of your perfect skin and super pretty eyes (even when we were like 8 years old, I was jealous).

    I hope you don't think my blog was mean in any way - I just couldn't believe how many women I saw in one day that were in frumpy sweats, pajama pants, and slippers out in public. Jeans and a sweatshirt are totally proper errand attire!

  3. Nope, didn't think it was mean at all, because I am totally judgemental and think the same thing of people! I used to think that of people in high school when they wore pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt to school!!

    Oh and Heather, I don't have visible eye brows...hence the reason that I have to at least do my eyebrows every day.


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