Sunday, December 20, 2009

A day of food, fun, and culture

Today I embarked upon an adventure to the big city. I hopped in my car, fueled myself up on Starbucks, and hit the road.

Okay, first I picked up Emily. Then we hit the road and headed to San Francisco!

I love San Francisco during the holidays. There's the humongous Christmas tree in Niemann Marcus, and the wreaths on Macys, and the decorations in every single store on Union Square. I love to walk around, window shop, and drink hot chocolate or a peppermint mocha.

Today's trip was even more fun-filled because we went to see 39 Steps. It's a play that's been on Broadway and was apparently adapted from an Alfred Hitchcock story. It was just two hours long, and it was great! There were four actors playing over 100 can imagine the hilarity that ensued.

Emily is my "cultural" friend...she introduces me to Music Circus, children's theater, and Banana Republic. I introduce her to country music, life outside the theater, and office supplies. We're an odd, yet good, match.

We decided to go down early and do some shopping and have lunch before the show. It was a day of firsts - my first show in San Francisco, and Emily's first venture into Nordstrom's restrooms and the Container Store. I know - totally exciting.

So, I took some pictures to document our day.

This is a picture of my lunch from Mr. Hana's. It was a teriyaki chicken rice bowl with mixed yummy!

This was the gorgeous chandelier in the theater we were at. I already forget the name of the theater...I think it was the Curran.

I love to people watch, and I didn't have to look far to find this lady in her, um, lovely outfit.

This guy wasn't hard to find either. He didn't even need to honk his horn driving down the street...we saw him anyway.

These guys were singing Christmas carols as we walked out of the theater. They were great, so I took their picture, then gave them money for taking the picture. I thought it was only fair.

That was my day in the big city. Hope you enjoyed it - next time I'll try to take a few more pictures. Not that I do exciting things like theater in San Francisco very often...