Thursday, October 15, 2009

Charity Cake Auction

Every year at work there is a charitable giving campaign. I've worked for many departments, and every one handles the campaign differently. Some simply pass out the forms to employees, some have bake sales or lunch sales, and some, like the department I work for now, truly go all out.

As the kick-off event for this year's campaign, my department held an American Idol type contest with a lunch sale, and today we're having a cake and gift basket silent auction. I decided to make some cake pops, since they seem to be so popular (I don't know, I still haven't tasted one...I'm afraid they'll be too good). The photo I posted of the Halloween cake pops were my test batch; I'm afraid the pen I had did not work very well, so I made pops with colored sprinkles instead.

I dropped off my cake pops and instantly had Cake Pop Insecurity. These people go ALL OUT when it comes to the cake auction. There were at least 50 cakes, if not more, and some of them were professional quality. Okay, some of them were done by professionals, but then again, some non-professionals around here are just really talented at decorating cakes.

I took my phone with me, hoping to get some pictures that would be worth of the Cake Wrecks Blog I like to visit. Instead, all I got were pictures of some truly amazing cakes.

See if you can guess which ones are home made - some of them may surprise you!

My contribution - Halloween Cake Pops!

What cute cupcakes!

What a great pumpkin...I wonder how they got the edges to look like that?

I'm impressed with the fondant.

I absolutely love this one! What a great idea.

SO freaking cute!

Hm, not sure why these didn't rotate.

This is just so creative - fruit leather pepperoni, blueberry olives, and marshmallow creme mushrooms.

Who doesn't love Sponge Bob? I'm actually really impressed with this one because a firm that consults with us donated it. How wonderful is it that consultants are donating to a charitable campaign? Very wonderful.

I don't usually like cupcake cakes, but I thought this one was pretty cute. Well, in a scary, ghoulish Halloween sort of way.

Apparently this one is from a movie. I don't know what movie, but I just love this cat's big old belly!

I don't know "who" submitted this cake. (I crack myself up!). I do love how they used mini cupcakes to make baby owls.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Winter storms

The City of Trees and wind do not mix...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Cake Pops

I have a cake auction at work this week, and I decided to make cake
pops. I wanted to make a test batch because last time I used colored
candy melts, they didn't melt very well. However, these worked great!
The black edible ink pen did not work as was very hard to
get the ink to show on the frosting.

Overall, I think they're cute! What do you think?