Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought of another one!

I told you before, I can't remember all of my pet peeves off the top of my head, but when someone does one, it all comes screaming back to me. Well, I remembered another one.


Because I went into the restroom at work as I was on my way out to lunch, and someone WAS ON THEIR CELL PHONE IN THE BATHROOM.

If I haven't told you already, let me just tell you now that restrooms in general gross me out, especially when it's not my restroom. Public restrooms have one purpose, and one purpose only, and it involves the toilet (okay, there's more than one thing you can do there, but you get my drift).

NOTHING else should be done in a public restroom. Don't talk to me over the stall, don't bring your coffee cup in there (ew, the germs and floating air particles that could get in your french roast!), and please dear Lord don't use your cell phone! Do you think the person you're talking to will appreciate hearing you do your business?

Note to those who know me - please don't ever, EVER call me from the bathroom. Seriously, I can wait until you're done.