Friday, December 18, 2009

I want to be a writer

I want to be a writer.

Really, I do. I dream of writing articles, book jackets, novels, even editing...I would love to have a home office and someday, quit my day job to be a writer (seriously, I want to be Angela Lansbury, minus the scary adventures she had every Sunday night at nine). However, there are several obstacles keeping me from reaching this goal.

1. I lack discipline. I show great enthusiasm for starting projects, but finishing them is a real challenge. Finishing anything is a real challenge for me - I get bored about midway through whatever I'm doing, when the initial excitement wears off (I often tell Grant he's lucky...I must really love him because he's lasted longer than much else in my life!).

2. I lack creativity. I am great at seeing something and copying it without directions, even improving upon it. However, original ideas don't come to me very easily (unless it's a way to improve efficiency or organize something). Since plagarism is a bad thing, this obstacle could present a real problem.

3. I don't know how to get started. Should I try writing plays? Poems? Book jackets? Magazine articles? How do I get started? Do I submit them somewhere myself? Is there a process I'm not aware of to be published? I just don't know.

I think I'm finally ready to start working on these obstacles. I've decided to start small, by writing one piece a week and publishing it on my blog. It could be a movie/book review, a short story, a poem, a narrative on my day...we'll see. Hopefully, this will help with both obstacle 1 & 2. Then, I'll just need help with #3! Any writers out there in Blogland??


  1. This writer has help for #3...Get a copy of the 2010 Writer's Market. It's full of information about writing for magazines, what publishers are looking for, etc. It's also just kind of a neat, nerdy read. :)

  2. I love neat, nerdy reads! I should definitely meet up with you sometime...I'd love to hear about your work.


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