Monday, September 28, 2009

And the answer is...not ready.

What was the question, you ask? Well, since getting married, several people have wondered aloud when we're going to have kids. I know I want kids, but now that I can have them (I know, I could before, but now that it's "socially acceptable" to have them) I'm terrified to do so. How does someone decide it's the right time? How do you make that decision to try to do what you've spent so many years trying to prevent?

Anyway, I tell everyone I have a dog, and for now that's enough. And truly, he is very much like a child. When we first got him, he woke us up every hour at night to go out and potty (and let me tell you, it's easier to go into a warm bedroom in January to change a kid's diaper than it is to take a small puppy who doesn't like the rain outside to potty). We were so tired and stressed out, we were always on edge.

Yesterday, Bruiser was apparently helping to prepare me for motherhood. How, you ask?

He barfed all day long.

He barfed three times before I even got up yesterday. Then he laid around, lethargic, all morning. Every time he drank some water, it came right back up.

It was truly, thoroughly, disgusting.

Many of you probably think that isn't so bad. Clearly, you don't have my gag reflex. It's bad. So bad that I begged and pleaded with Hubby to clean up each new pile as it appeared on the floor or the carpet, and was informed each time that it'd cost me a foot rub, then an additional foot rub, and so on.

I didn't even care.

People keep telling me it's different when it's your own child. But I don't care. Bodily fluids belong inside your body, and nowhere else.



  1. Good for you! No one should get to decide that but you and the G man.:) Kids are so amazing and I couldn't imagine life without mine but you have to be ready. The whole thing is stressful enough even when you are ready!

  2. April, I hear ya. The BF and I get that question all the time, and we're not even married yet. :-) Truthfully, I don't know for sure if I want kids, but how do you tell your future mom-in-law that? You guys decide when you're ready...until then, enjoy your barfing dog. :-)

  3. Thanks Les. And Katie, just wait until you get married. The questioning only gets 10 times worse.


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