Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OMG people read my blog!

How cool is this?! I got an email from a woman who works for a public relations firm that works with Home Goods. She read my blog post about my awesome shopping trip this weekend, and all the great stuff that I got at Home Goods.

This is part of what she wrote:

I wanted to let you know HomeGoods has a Customer Finds section on our website where shoppers like you can submit great finds at great prices. Here is a link to the site: http://openhouse.homegoods.com/index.php/finds/ – as you know our merchandise is always changing and this site is a great way for us to spread the word on great finds. We would love it if you’d share your finds with other HomeGoods shoppers!

So, now I'm off to write about my fabulous finds on the HomeGoods website. Maybe you guys should do the same!

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