Thursday, July 9, 2009

The downturn of America

Articles like this one make me angry:

Squeeze Inn sued by disabled woman

Published Thursday, Jul. 09, 2009

Aficionados say the burger sold at the Squeeze Inn is perfection, the consummate marriage of bun, ground meat and melted cheddar cheese.

But a woman has filed a lawsuit in federal court, saying the one-time coffeehouse with 450 square feet of space is anything but perfect. The suit alleges the kitschy confines break state and federal laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities.

Among the allegations:
• Parking at the Squeeze Inn is not accessible to disabled people, nor is the main entrance.
• The inside seating area, which has about a dozen stools, does not have accessible tables.
• The outside seating area is hard to navigate and lacks adequate floor space for wheelchair use.

Kimberly Block, who filed the suit, could not be reached for comment. She is described in the suit as a person with limited use of her legs. The suit alleges she is being discriminated against in violation of California law and the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

The suit asks the court to require Squeeze Inn owner Travis E. Hausauer to make fixes and award an unspecified amount in damages. Hausauer could not be reached for response.

For years, the Squeeze Inn has been named to lists of the best burgers in town. Business has soared this year since the Food Network featured the Squeeze Inn on its popular "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" program with host Guy Fieri.


Having visited this burger joint, I do realize that it is not handicap accessible. It is in a former coffeeshop, and is TINY…there isn’t hardly room for non-handicapped persons to move around inside.

My problem, however, lies in this woman’s lawsuit. She is suing and asking for the owner of the Squeeze Inn to update the restaurant to be handicap accessible. Okay, this seems reasonable. However, the suit then apparently goes on to ask the court for “an unspecified amount in damages.”

Why is this woman asking for damages? I see no reason other than to make herself rich. She was not hurt during her visit to the Inn. She was not slandered. As far as we know she was not ridiculed (and if she was, I’m sorry, and that's unexcusable, but at the same time, everyone is ridiculed at some point in their life...that’s a part of life).

I get so angry when things like this happen. Have we really become a nation of people who sue others as a way to earn our living? This woman could have a very strong lawsuit just asking for the restaurant to make ADA changes. Does she really have to go as far as to seek money?

I wonder what her day job is, or if she even has one.

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  1. I'm watching a story on the news right now about a man who drove drunk and killed four people--he's now suing the restaurant for serving him.



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