Monday, July 27, 2009

Concerts in the Sticks

I’ve never really been a fan of concerts. Sure, I’ll go to them, but there’s so much work involved: you have to get there early, pay for parking, struggle through the crowds to your seat, then sit through one or two bands (and their set changes) you may never have heard of until you finally get to the main event. Then there’s expensive food and drinks, $40 T-shirts and $60 sweatshirts, if you so desire.

There have been a couple of concerts I’ve really wanted to go to, and enjoyed, but usually, I’m not one to spend my money on tickets. However, months ago, a friend asked if I wanted to see the No Doubt concert that was coming to town. I said sure – I’d never been to the venue, and it was with a group of people that I knew I’d have fun with. I’m not actually a fan of No Doubt, but I thought, What the heck.

I love No Doubt.

I’ve never, EVER been to a better concert. On the radio, I really don’t like No Doubt much; I’ve never been a fan of Gwen Stefani, either. But Friday night, I was truly, thoroughly impressed. The first two bands were okay – I’d never heard of the first band, and although their singing was terrible, the music was pretty good. The second band, Paramore, wasn’t bad either.

Then, No Doubt came out. The stage was amazing, and the band truly looked like they were having a great time. Gwen Stefani was fabulous – she never, ever stopped moving and dancing, even when she wasn’t singing. And her voice – wow! Usually, a singer sounds worse in concert than they do on the radio, but she was the opposite. I found myself enthralled throughout the entire time they played (almost two hours). Her voice live is wonderful. Plus, she really seemed to enjoy the crowd, more than just to say “I love you guys” like most singers do.

Really, I’ve never enjoyed myself more at a concert. If you have the chance to see No Doubt live, you need to go.

But here’s the fun part…I didn’t have my camera, but I did have my phone. And while I was waiting for the first two bands to finish, and waiting during their half hour to 45 minute set changes, I watched the crowd. You should know, the venue where we saw the concert is out in the sticks, and the people you see out there are, well…interesting. I now present to you my photojournalist essay of the concert, or at least, the concert audience. Enjoy!!

***Editor's note - I LOVE people watching. Love, love, love it. And, I'm sorry, but I'm judgemental right from the get-go. I figure people are judging me right away, so I don't feel too bad judging them. If any of my comments below are harsh, it's just my first impression of people (and if you were there, I'm sure you'd agree with me). And sorry they're not the best quality pictures - they were taken on my phone.

So, I was wearing capri jeans and a cute polka-dot t-shirt...nothing fancy. At a concert you can see anything from shorts, to this. These ladies were a little dressy.

Then there was this gal - the total opposite end of the spectrum. She was having a GREAT time, dancing around...maybe too great a time.

Here's another one. She looked fairly normal - until I looked down and saw her socks. I'm not really sure how they contributed to her outfit.

This group was truly disturbing (and although we were surrounded by people getting higher than a kite, this group wasn't...which makes it all the more disturbing). The girl who is showing the camera to her friend sitting down was taking pictures - of herself. Now, I take pictures of myself too. My face. This girl was sticking the camera UP HER DRESS and taking pictures, then showing the pictures to her friend. I kid you not. Her friend sitting on the ground then stuck the camera down her own shirt and took pictures. The guy with them stuck the camera down his pants and took pictures.

Yes, these were really people sitting near me.

I don't really think you need much of an explanation for this one.

These are just to show you how many people were there...apparently it was the first time the venue had been sold out in seven years.

The aftermath...look at all the trash.

All in all, a great concert. Sorry I don't actually have any pictures of the band!


  1. I freakin' LOVE your photojournalism! I laughed out loud! I think you and your phone should make this a weekly feature.

  2. Thanks!! I'll definitely try to make this a weekly feature. I do see enough randomness in the world. :) And starting next week I'm back to working downtown, AND taking the bus to work, so I should have plenty of content.

  3. Love the pictures! Thanks for not making me wait too long to see them again! If only we could have captured all of the "interesting" people we encountered. :)


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