Monday, June 22, 2009

Purses for sale..and addiction. Yes, they go together.

Apparently I have an addictive personality.

There are many things that I am or have been addicted to, and probably many things in the future that I will be addicted to. So far there's been food, Starbucks, purses, office supplies (yes, office supplies). I've recently been tackling the food and Starbucks addictions; I'm learning about food and how it affects your body, which makes me more conscious of what I'm putting into that body. I'm also working on Starbucks; I haven't had coffee in about three months, which means I'm not going to Starbucks two to three times a day. Now, I've decided it's time to work on purses.

I've always loved purses. I remember in high school buying purses at Target and Walmart that I would use for months; one in particular was an adorable brown leather-like rectangular bag that I used for....

Sorry, I got a little off-track going down memory lane. Anyway, my point is that even though I used to buy a lot of purses, I bought them at Walmart, Ross, Target and the like. They were cheap, so if I bought one a month, it wasn't a big deal.

I remember when I started liking designer purses. I was totally content buying cheap purses that looked like they were pretty good quality bags when I worked for a woman who began buying Louis Vuitton purses off of eBay. I bought my first replica Louis Vuitton at age 22; technically I was 21, but it arrived in the mail the day of my 22nd birthday (Happy Birthday to me!).

I have a friend who had many Coach purses, and I loved the way they looked. I finally bought one on eBay a couple of years after buying that first replica Louis. It was an authentic Coach holiday purse, one of the patchwork was gorgeous! It was also $365. With the salary I was earning at the time, that wasn't exactly something I could afford on a whim.

I sold that first Coach bag on Craigslist not long after having bought it; total buyer's remorse. Again, I was content with my inexpensive purses until...Grant bought me a Coach purse for my birthday. It was gorgeous; light brown Signature Jaquard with white leather handles and trim. I used this purse for almost a year straight - the longest I've used any purse since I don't know when. I liked that purse so much, that eventually, I bought another one. Then another. And another.

My saving grace was that I bought almost all of my Coach purses and wallets at the Coach Factory Outlet store, and I only bought things that were not only at the outlet price but were an additional 20-60% off. However, I still bought too much.

Not long ago I began to think about why I was buying all of these purses. One, I liked the quality; these are sturdy purses that hold all of my junk, and once you tough high-quality leather, it's hard to buy a flimsy purse that may or may not hold everything you carry without ripping/splitting/breaking in some way.

Two, it was definitely a status thing. I had a Coach bag - I bought quality and everyone knew it. It was a great feeling to hand over that card and have the cashier know that I could afford to buy that bag (one thing to mention - I don't use credit cards, so I never charged any purses...I'm an all cash all the time kind of girl).

After thinking of why I bought these bags, I began to wonder - why did I need a "status" bag? It's not like I need anything else of status. The most expensive shoes I own are my Nine West heels, and I buy those at Marshalls. I get my clothes at Walmart, Target, Ross, and the like...I don't care about designer labels in clothes, I care only about how well they fit and how they make me look. I don't live in a high-class neighborhood; in fact we just recently bought our first house in a middle-class neighborhood and it's a modest, 1400 sq. ft. home...not huge by any means. So why was it that I lusted after designer bags and nothing else?

I still don't know. But multiple things lately have made me realize I'm over the addiction (or at least, I'm ready to overcome this addiction).

One - a friend recently told me she had to buy a new purse because the strap on her old one finally broke. Her old purse was...SEVEN years old. Why am I buying these high-quality purses designed to last for years if I don't use them for that long? No reason.

Two - yes, I may have the money to spend on these purses, but instead, I'd rather spend that money on other things. Furniture for my house, plants for my yard, and doing things with friends and family.

Three - I was rereading the book Skinny Bitch, and at the end of the book the authors have included lots of notes and tips. One note was, "Comparison is the thief of joy." As I read this it was like a light shone down on me from above and my mind became clearer than ever before. Every time I buy a purse, I think, "This is it, I love this purse, I never need a new one." Then, I see someone else's bag; I think, "Wow, I love that bag. If I had that bag, I'd never need another one." So I buy it, and the cycle repeats itself. I try so hard in other aspects of my life not to compare myself or my stuff to others, because I know that what others have doesn't matter; why is it that I continually compared my purses to others? It's ridiculous!

So, I decided to sell some of my purses. But then I realized, that's not enough. I can't keep even one or two of the ones I like best; to purge myself of the addiction, I have to go cold turkey, just like if I was a drinker or a smoker. So, after a few days of thinking about it, I decided to dump the whole lot (except the one Grant got me, which I don't use very much because I used it a lot and it was starting to show wear...I mostly am keeping it for sentimental reasons).

And now this long, drawn out post finally touches on the first part of the post title. I'm selling all of my purses, so if any of you out there in blog-land are interested, check out the link below to see pictures and descriptions of everything for sale, and post a comment if you're interested. Or, email me at First come, first served.

Well now - hope you've enjoyed my trip through my memories, my mind, and my addictions. I know, it's a rambling trip...thanks for making it with me!

Link to purses - click here.


  1. Good post. I always love reading your stuff. You should write more often. :) I am going to not buy your purses, because I don't even want to know what it's like to own more than a Coach wallet (afraid I might like it too much). But good luck to you. :)

  2. Thanks - I'm going to try, but I always feel like I don't have anything to write about. Plus, after sitting at a computer all day, the last thing I want to do when I get home is turn on the computer. But, now that I don't have to be on the computer all day at work, I'm more apt to turn on the one at home.


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