Monday, June 22, 2009

101 Things About Me

1. I met my husband at work. He was a contracted vendor and I was an employee, under my desk, butt sticking out, searching for a box.
2. Ask my husband what he remembers about when we met, and it’s the butt sticking out from under my desk part. Go figure.
3. I just bought my first house (with hubby) almost four months ago. It’s about a mile from where I grew up, even though I swore I’d never move back here.
4. I have two dogs, although only one lives with me. The other lives on acreage with my parents and has been adopted by my dad. She’d hate the suburbs.
5. I can’t wait to move back to the country and have a plethora of animals, both domesticated and farm, like when I was growing up.
6. I want my kids to grow up and be in 4-H and FFA like I was, but I also want them to play sports, unlike me.
7. If I have girls I want them to take dance lessons for ever so they’re comfortable dancing in crowds…I love to dance but never do it because I feel like I have no rhythm and look like an idiot.
8. I always thought working in an office would be cool, but now that I’ve been doing it for 9 years (next month) I think it sucks and now I don’t know what I want to do.
9. I want four kids, but only if I can be a stay at home mom when they’re young.
10. I’m terrified of having children. Pregnancy, birth, the whole thing – I don’t have them yet because I don’t know if I can do it.
11. I don’t play well with others. I hate working on teams at work or in school.
12. I like things to be done my way (did you get that from #11?). I’m working on compromising, but it’s a long battle.
13. I am obsessed with keeping things clean but at the same time I’m a natural born slob. It’s an internal struggle.
14. The only thing my husband and I fight about is cleaning. I voluntarily do all the cleaning, but ask that he just pick up after himself. He’s trying. I think.
15. I think vacuuming is calming.
16. I am a professional procrastinator. I think I do my best work at the last minute.
17. I don’t have any hobbies. Unless you count watching TV as a hobby.
18. I’m not passionate about anything. I like lots of things, and I enjoy doing lots of things, but if I had an unlimited amount of money to start a business doing something I’m passionate about, I couldn’t think of a business to start.
19. Besides the house I grew up in (17 years of living there), the longest I’ve lived in one house is 2 years and 2 months.
20. In nine years I’ve worked for six different departments.
21. I have excellent writing and grammar skills, although I don’t remember any of the rules of writing; I simply know when something is right or wrong (although if I’m writing fast like when I’m blogging, I may not go back and fix things, so please don’t point out all of my errors).
22. I hate my teeth. I didn’t take care of them when I was young like I should have, and now I’m paying the price.
23. I’m irrationally afraid of the dentist, even though my dentist is fantastic. I practically get an ulcer every time I have to go to a dental appointment.
24. I would love to be a writer for a living but I have writer’s block…all the time.
25. I have a lot of great ideas but I don’t follow through on anything. That’s probably my worst fault.
26. I love Donald Trump. I know, I’m sorry, but I do.
27. I hate most reality TV shows. The only one I really watched was Newlyweds with Nick and Jessica, and that’s because I had a non-sexual girl crush on Jessica.
28. I love to watch TV, and I own a TON of TV series on DVD.
29. I love to read, and I choose books by their cover. I’m usually pretty good at choosing great books this way.
30. I don’t like it when books become movies (except for Harry Potter). The movies are never as good as the books, and they ruin the way I imagine the characters (e.g. Confessions of a Shopaholic).
31. I was addicted to Starbucks and went two to three times a day, but I quit drinking coffee three months ago. I still want it every day, but so far I’ve been strong.
32. I would love to be in law enforcement, but I’m scared of criminals and I’d throw up at disgusting crime scenes.
33. I cry over everything – movies, books, weddings. I even cry when I’m angry.
34. I tend to be a loudmouth, yet I’m afraid of confrontation.
35. I don’t mind giving speeches (and even sort of enjoy it) but I’m terrified of raising my hand in class.
36. I’m comfortable speaking up at work, but won’t do it in class – I get nervous around people my own age.
37. I always wanted more siblings (sorry E!) because my mom had six sisters and they all do things together. I wanted a big group of siblings to hang out with.
38. I wish I was better at managing my money. I used to be a great saver, but I’ve become much more of an impulse shopper as I get older. I’m getting better again.
39. I’ve had more cell phones than anyone I know. I started buying them on eBay, using them for awhile, and then selling them again. I got an iPhone a few months ago, and I think I’ve finally broken the cycle.
40. I would love to be a stay at home mom, but I also want to be a high-powered corporate career woman.
41. If I had the chance to be a stay at home mom, I’d worry about the stigma attached to it when (and if) I was ever ready to go back to work.
42. I judge people based on first impressions. I know that’s not a good thing, but I’ve always done it.
43. Before I met my husband every relationship I had broke up after the first fight; I thought that a fight meant it was over.
44. I’m a selfish person, yet I love giving to others. I love giving gifts, doing nice things for people, and volunteering my time (although I don’t do much of that).
45. I’m a total control freak.
46. If I could be any TV character, I’d be either Monica from Friends or Samantha from Bewitched. Or any female law enforcement FBI agent/cop/detective.
47. I love to buy cars. I enjoy the car-buying experience and haggling with the salesmen.
48. My dad is my work idol. He was a great manager and director and I wish I could be just like him.
49. A Starbucks Iced Venti Latte is my perfect food (did I mention giving up coffee has been a struggle?).
50. I try not to let what others think matter, but it still does.
51. I often wonder what I would be/do if what others thought didn’t matter to me.
52. I think it’d be an awesome experience to be in the military, but I’m afraid I’d be shipped overseas.
53. I love rules and think everyone should follow them.
54. I love order, structure, and planning (I guess that goes along with #53).
55. I think I should have made this list “50 Things About Me.”
56. I love to shop, and it doesn’t matter what it’s for. I love the hunt of trying to find a specific item.
57. I went away to college. I chose the college because I’d just been dumped and it was the farthest college from home that I’d been accepted to.
58. I didn’t want to go to school and only went away because of getting dumped, and because my mom pretty much made me go. I came home after a year.
59. I often wish I’d stayed away at school and finished my degree, and had the typical college life. But, then I wonder where I’d be in life if I’d stayed. I’d never have met my husband, so although I sometimes wish I’d stayed, I’m glad I didn’t.
60. I don’t have any desire to finish my college degree because I don’t know what I want to do with my life, and I think what you do should be related to what you went to school for.
61. I don’t like ice cream.
62. I don’t have a favorite color.
63. My idea of a perfect night out is actually a night in – eating sushi in a clean and tidy home, watching Tivo or a movie.
64. I get stressed out when my house is messy.
65. I once did the Atkins diet and lost 35 pounds, but I gained it all back and then some.
66. I don’t particularly like meat, although I’m not a vegetarian. The Atkins diet was hard.
67. I get jealous very easily.
68. All of my past and current managers and coworkers think I’m an extrovert, but really I’m an introvert who’s a wannabe extrovert.
69. I think it’d be cool to be a newscaster.
70. I have zero artistic ability. I can’t draw, paint, match colors, sketch.
71. I have a fantastic long-term memory, and can remember really random things from my childhood.
72. My short-term memory sucks, and I often can’t remember things I did or said five minutes ago.
73. I wish I had interior-decorating skills.
74. I was raised Catholic but discarded organized religion as a teenager. I’ve always believed in God but thought it wasn’t “cool” to go to church.
75. I would love to find a church that feels like a “neighborhood” church from “back in the day.” I want to find a church where I know the other parishioners and the Fathers, and they know me and my family.
76. I sometimes wish my husband was religious, although I’m accepting of the fact that he’s not.
77. I like to read books on management, organization, and improving myself in general.
78. I’m an energy Nazi – I practically follow my husband around turning off lights after he leaves a room (which I realized is what my dad used to do to us kids!).
79. I love listening to music but have a hard time remembering band names or song names.
80. I easily remember numbers, especially phone numbers.
81. Although I love country life, I’d also love to live in a big city.
82. I raised sheep and goats as a child/teenager.
83. My cousin used to call me Goat Girl.
84. I don’t have any specialized skills; I’m more of a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”
85. I like to learn a little bit about a lot of things, but I’m not really interested in learning a lot about any one thing.
86. I love to swim but hate being in a bathing suit in front of other people.
87. I like to be the center of attention, but I’m also completely shy.
88. I’m afraid of failing.
89. I often think I’m an old woman trapped in a young woman’s body.
90. I wish I was Martha Stewart.
91. In my lifetime I’ve had six dogs, one cat, a few fish, a hamster, and hundreds of sheep and goats.
92. I’ve also had five cars.
93. The first brand new car I bought was a 2002 VW New Beetle, and it was a lemon. It died four times in three months and spent more time in the shop than with me.
94. I’ve always lived in the Northern California summer heat, but I hate hot weather.
95. I often think my husband is wonderful to put up with me and all the little things that bug me.
96. I kind of like doing yard work.
97. I’ve always wanted to raise cattle and horses.
98. I think it’d be awesome to live on a working cattle ranch.
99. I can’t wait to start a vegetable garden, even though I’ve never been able to keep a plant alive.
100. I love learning about other people by looking into their houses, purses, and cubicles, but I’m not a stalker. I seriously just like to know how people live and work (I might pick up some tips somewhere!).
101. I got the idea to do this list from the blog “Angry Julie Monday,” which I read for the first time today and absolutely love!

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  1. #78: I do that too. And I also used to hate when Dad hassled us about it. Crazy.


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