Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I discovered a new blog today! Actually, I didn't discover it. I was reading the newspaper online, and the newspaper did a photo-story on this lady in town who apparently cooks really good food on a really tight budget (yes, our state is facing dire economic times, people are losing their jobs, but why report on that...our paper does a feel good story about food).

Anyway, it's called Poor Girl Eats Well, and you can link to it here. I started looking through it and the chick lives in Midtown and does seem to have some pretty tasty recipes. I'm not so impressed with her overall because she actually told the newspaper that she was cooking without gas because she forgot to pay her gas bill (how many times do you have to not pay the gas bill before they shut off your gas??), but I'll give her a second chance. I have to, because I want to make that multi-colored potato salad, and the shrimp burrito. Yum!

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  1. I just checked it out... meh. I don't really like plain blogs like that unless the writing's really good... can you say blog snob? I'll keep checking back and give it a chance though. :)

    Glad you're blogging again!


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