Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Famous!

I told you about a book that my friend bought me called "To Do List." It's a book full of lists, and I love it, since I'm such a list freak. Last month, I was cleaning out some files and I came upon all these lists that I'd made before the wedding. One of them cracked me up because it was so random and all over the place - lose weight, call florist, look at mind was scattered, to say the least.

I submitted that list to the To Do List blog, and...Sasha posted it! Click here to see my list.

And along those same lines..

A link to the Top 100 Misspelled Words. Click here to view this phenomenal list of words so that you can check your spelling!

You're welcome.

Ooh fun!

A whole list of commonly misspelled words! What, don't you all find that fun? Here is A through C:

absence, abundance, accessible, accidentally, acclaim, accommodate, accomplish, accordion, accumulate, achievement, acquaintance, across, address, advertisement, aggravate, alleged, annual, apparent, appearance, argument, atheist, athletics, attendance, auxiliary

balloon, barbecue, barbiturate, bargain, basically, beggar, beginning, believe, biscuit, bouillon, boundary, Britain, Buddha, business

calendar, camouflage, cantaloupe, category, cemetery, chagrined, challenge, characteristic, changing, chief, cigarette, climbed, collectible, colonel, colossal, column, coming, committee, commitment, comparative, competent, completely, concede, conceive, condemn, condescend, conscientious, consciousness, consistent, continuous, controlled, coolly, corollary, convenient, correlate, correspondence, counselor, courteous, courtesy, criticize