Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cookie time!

Today I went to the Darling's house so that she could finish my veil for the wedding. Mom, an auntie, H and the kids came too. Turns out that the Darling's son came home for the weekend too, and he spent the day playing with the kids. One fun thing they did was to make cookies.

Here is Lil' H, hard at work frosting his cookie. Mom says the tongue comes from Dad's side of the family...everythinhg works right if you stick the tongue out!
Roo got a little too enthusiastic while frosting her cookies, and some frosting ended up on her elbow. But she sure had a good time!
Yep, looks like they all had a good time!

Bruiser is so cute

Wednesday night I was up late working on a project for work, and Bruiser and Hubby-to-be both fell asleep. Finally, HTB went to bed, but Bruiser wanted to stay in the living room with me. He was playing with his toys, when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see a dark flash. I look in the living room, and Bruiser is in the laundry. Not only is he in the laundry, but he has snuggled inside a sweatshirt, then turned around and laid down, so that his body is inside the sweatshirt and only his head is sticking out. It was adorable. (Please excuse the other laundry on the floor!)

Day Out With Thomas

Last weekend we went to a Day Out With Thomas the Train, where you actually ride a train with an engine that looks like Thomas. Lil H of course had a blast, and I was thankful that this year we had an air-conditioned car! This weekend, it rained...last weekend, it was 105 degrees!

This is what Lil H looked like for most of the train ride (below)...he would have stayed like that all day if we'd have let him.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I saw a keychain at Hallmark the other day that said "Everything I need in life I carry in a cute handbag." I thought it was very fitting. And my cute handbag happens to have pink and white polka dots inside!