Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Squirrel

I finally got a picture of Bruiser's "Squirrel Pose." Apparently when dogs do this it's called "sitting pretty," but I like squirrel better.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Relatives from Abroad

Yesterday I had lunch with some long-lost relatives! Well, can they be long-lost if we didn't know about them? Anyway, out of the blue Egot a phone call from our relative Peter from the Isle of Man, a little island about 32 miles long and 12 miles across in the Irish Sea. Peter had done a little digging and found out that his great-grandmother was also my dad's great-grandmother, and their grandfathers were brothers (I may be wrong on all that but I think I got it right). From what I know, the great-grandmother (my great-great-grandmother) had 14 children, and after her husband died, she couldn't care for them all so she sent them in pairs off into the world. My great-grandfather ended up here in America, although there were others sent to Canada, Australia, and who knows where else. Peter started out trying to find out what happened to the 14 siblings, and ended up finding E!

So yesterday Mom, Dad, E, Roo, Lil H and I had lunch with Peter and Sue from the Isle of Man. It sounds like such a great place - maybe that's where Hubby-to-be and I should go on our honeymoon! Here's a picture of the isle (island?) that I found on google images.