Monday, February 25, 2008

One of my favorite commercials

I'm not even close to this coordinated

Thanks Heather, you always find the cool things

Weird Al'

I just finished a book about an Amish girl...I couldn't resist this one.


As many of you have pointed out to me, I need to update my blog. So I say to you all, "Alright already, here you go!"

A quick recap of last week:
  • I had a successful weigh-in and lost 2.0 last week! Yay! I slipped a little bit on Saturday, but got right back on track. Sunday Mom and I went to a new restaurant (well new to us) called Ruby Tuesday's. YUM that was good food, and they had a great salad bar.
  • We finally registered this weekend. Saturday we registered at Williams Sonoma for everyday dishes, and then Sunday I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and did a bit of registering by myself. Grant was not as into registering as I was, so I went alone Sunday and told him we'd get on the internet and go through everything I picked out, and if he hated it, we'd take it off (although I REALLY hope he doesn't have negative feelings towards the pink KitchenAid mixer I put on there...). So, don't go buying anything yet, family - I have to edit the lists!

Hm, that seems to be all I can recall from last week. I know that work was incredibly stressful on Thursday and Friday, so maybe I've blocked that out from my mind. Okay, update over!