Saturday, January 19, 2008

The wedding planning is in full swing!

Today Grant and I went to the tasting held at the Monte Verde Inn where we'll be getting married in June. Each January the Monte Verde invites all of their brides and grooms for the year to taste lots of food from the menu and meet their preferred vendors. For seven months now I've been hearing how great the Monte Verde's food is from vendors at bridal shows, and let me tell was good!

They have three menu packages, and they had a sampling of food from each one: caribbean crab and shrimp cakes with mango salsa, warm potato gnocchi with a porcini mushroom-marsala tomato sauce, basil and reggiano, and warm smoked prawns with chipotle BBQ sauce. YUM!! And after all that, they brought out a tray of SIX different kinds of cake for you to try. I actually went home and took a nap!

So rest assured dear family and friends - you will be well fed come wedding time!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Obedience school is...interesting

Last night Bruiser went to his second obedience class. At the first class, my adorable 12-lb dog barked madly at a 100-lb Newfoundland puppy. Who barked right back. Last night, Bruiser only barked twice, and he has got the walking and staying with me thing down. There arose a problem, however, when we attempted "sit." First, if you have a dog that is, say, a Golden Retriever, you can simply lean over and push down on their butt when they ignore the sit command. Not so with a wiener dog, who is so incredibly short you can't reach him, and whose back you can't push hard on. I spent all of last night kneeling down (on a hard, cold concrete floor) trying to get my notoriously stubborn Miniature Dachshund to bend those short little legs and sit. It didn't work that well. I know he can sit, because he does it all the time at home. As I spent more and more time on that floor I began to realize that Bruiser really is smarter than me - that floor was too cold and there was no way he was going to put his butt on it. As I was still kneeling down there.

Anyway, we have a lot of practicing to do for sit. Here are a few Bruiser pictures to enjoy. I took them from my phone so they're a little fuzzy. Next week I'll take pictures of puppy class so you can see the hilarity of Bruiser surrounded by a bunch of huge dogs.

And here's one more - this one is really fuzzy, but it cracks me up. I always compare Bruiser to a piglet. He's the same size, his legs are the same length, and his body is shaped the same way. After one particularly long walk, Bruiser was exhausted. He came home and didn't even want to lay in my lap - he just crashed in the middle of the living room floor. Too cute!

Update on my weight loss and weekly goal

I suck at water consumption. I have not met my goal a single day this week. Today I'm at 50 oz., and it's 4:00 p.m., so I think I'll make it. Maybe I need to make that next week's goal as well, and keep making it my goal until I achieve it. I really didn't think it would be that hard.

On another note, I have re-joined Weight Watchers recently in an effort to lose these pounds I've packed on since beginning to date Grant (not that it's his fault, but we all know when we get in a relationship we get comfortable and we get fat). I'm doing this not only because I have the wedding dress to fit into, but because at age 26 I should be a lot healthier than I currently am. So, I weighed in today and I'm down 1.9 pounds! Yay!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random thought for the day

I truly am getting old. A week and a half ago I turned 26. I know you're thinking, now that's not old, but at age 21 I made all kinds of goals for myself to achieve by 25 and 30, and I have achieved ONE of the goals by 25. So now I'm another year old and I'm feeling it. I got on the bus this evening after a particularly draining day of work, and at the next stop two girls get on and sit behind me. Here's the gist of their conversation:

Girl 1: "Oh I'm taking so many classes because this is my last semester. I'm just going to be swamped. And my birthday is the week the semester starts so I can't even do anything fun."

Girl 2: "Bummer that sucks. How old are you going to be?"

Girl 1: "23."

Girl 2: "Oh man."

Girl 1: "I know, I'm getting so old. I'm not worried about 23, but I'm pretty worried about 24. I mean, it's so old and you have to be so...responsible. I mean, most people are worried about 25 but I'm totally freaked out about 24."

Girl 2: "I know, I'm going to be 23 in October, and I'm already starting to feel old. Ick."

Thank goodness I got off the bus after that. I don't think I could have taken any more.

50 Books in 2008

Here is the ongoing list of the 50 books I'm going to read in 2008 (#1 on my Birthday Resolutions List). I'm going to update the list as I finish a book.

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (309 pages)
2. The Lipstick Jungle (435 pages)
3. Nice Girls Don't Get Rich (265 pages)
4. Eleven on Top (321 pages)
5. Metro Girl (___ pages)

Follow up on my goal this week

Goal = drink all my water every day (64 oz)

Monday: 54 oz
Tuesday: 42 oz
Wednesday: 38 oz

If you're following along, I have yet to meet my goal. I'm so horrible at drinking water. I thought this would be a realistic, attainable goal. And I'm failing. As I write this I'm downing as much water as possible in a desparate attempt to meet today's goal. It's 9 p.m., and I've got 26 oz to go...eek.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Birthday Gift to Myself...

Yep, I bought myself something else. I'm trying not to go overboard on shopping this year (hence one of my resolutions, "Pay more than I owe on my bills") but I've been working tons of overtime and I got paid for it, so I bought myself a little something. Well, I went to the Coach store to buy a little something, and left with a big something. See, the big something was on clearance, so it really was not that much more than the little something. And I got it at the OUTLET store, so it was outlet priced AND on clearance!

Here is my beautiful workbag. I don't carry a purse during the week; I take the bus to work and it's too much hassle to carry more than one bag. So, I decided that a work bag was a perfect birthday gift to myself!
(Bruiser is peeking in the corner and saying hello!)

My Goal for the Week: January 14th

So, I'm trying to lose weight. Not only because I'm heavier than I've ever been and I'm tired of running out of breath walking up one flight of stairs, but hello - the wedding is in JUNE (as many, many people at the bridal fair today conveyed to me when I told them my date and their eyes got all big and they made an "Oh no!" face). I don't really want to tell all you bloggers how much I have to lose, but let's just say it's more than 50 lbs and less than 100 lbs. That would be to my ideal weight, anyway.

I've decided that I'm going to post a weekly goal, just something to keep me thinking about weight loss so that I don't get discouraged. For this upcoming work week (Monday the 14th through Friday the 18th), my goal is to drink all of my water. I will have eight-eight ounce glasses of water every day if it kills me. Which it might. I hate water. I'm going to have to add Crystal Light to it, but I still consider it water.

I may be floating away by Friday, but I'm going to do it.