Monday, January 7, 2008

Birthday Resolutions

I never make New Year's resolutions, because really, who keeps them? Since my birthday (yesterday) is so close to New Year's, I decided to make Birthday Resolutions this year. Birthday resolutions sound like something that I can keep! Plus, 26 just feels like you're supposed to be responsible.

So, here is my list of realistic resolutions for 2008:

1. I will read 50 books. My friend did it in 2007, and so I told her I'd do it with her in 2008.
2. Although I will continue to curse (because I know I can't stop), I will use curse words that do not take the Lord's name in vain.
3. I will stop (or at least drastically reduce) my caffeine consumption. People keep telling me it will help my headaches.
4. I will keep in touch with my friends.
5. I will save money every month to build up my emergency fund (yep, how exciting...).
6. I will get my nails done every 2-3 weeks. I'll fix a broken nail instead of ripping off the entire set. (I know this one sounds weird, but I'm horrible about nail maintenance...)
7. I will get some form of aerobic activity at least three times every week.
8. I will pay more than I owe on my bills.

So, what are your resolutions??