Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Random Thoughts

1. Although I love sushi, I really need to stop eating it. Every time I eat it, whether it's one roll or two, it sits in my stomach like a brick. Not worth it.

2. Chinese food gives me a major headache. Also not worth it.

3. Other headache triggers are chocolate and caffeine. Two of my favorite things.

4. Having a dog is good practice for having a child. And my dog continually reminds me that I am not ready for a child.

5. If you want to become an outstanding performer, you need to do three things:
  • Become a lifelong learner;
  • Set and achieve high goals; and
  • Get organized.
Apparently I have some work to do.

6. Eating an apple in the early morning for a week cures chronic headaches.

I told you, totally random thoughts...

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