Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am thankful for...

1. Family - I love that I feel absolutely no pressure whatsoever to be hip, cool, smart, or fashionable around my family. They don't care if I have the latest designer handbag, or what the state of my house is (currently it's clean, thank you very much), or whether or not I can spell dichotomy (which I can, by the way)...they just like me.

2. My husband - Same as above, yet he also knows how to make me laugh when I'm mad, which makes me instantly feel better and not hold a grudge. He'll go shopping with me, usually without complaint, and he understands my constant need for Starbucks.

3. Dogs - All they want is to be loved and to love you in return, and no one gives a better welcome-home than a miniature dachshund named Bruiser. Dogs in general just make me smile - there is nothing better than a happy dog.

4. My brain - I'm not saying I'm the smartest person in the world, but I do thank the good Lord that I have a brain in my head. I know that I have common sense, and I know that I have the ability to find an answer I don't know. I love getting handed an assignment with no background information - the thrill of the hunt for information is the part I love best. And this is yet another reason Google is high on the list of things I can't live without.

5. The holidays - Each year Labor Day signals the beginning of the Holiday Season for me. It means fall is coming, holiday decorations will soon be near, and the baking and gift giving can begin! Today at Target I bought a Jack O'Lantern door mat and every time I see it it makes me smile. I love the smell of pumpkin bread in the oven, the taste of stuffing at Thanksgiving, the sound of Christmas music, and the sight of Christmas decorations and lights. Ah, what a wonderful time of year!!

6. Job security - I may not have the most exciting job in the world, but at times like this, when our economy is on a serious downward spiral, I am more than happy to continue life as a meager public servant. I can't imagine what it's like to wake up every morning, fearful of losing your job.

7. Friends - Who better to lean on when you're down? Who better to share news of a great bargain with? Who better to text in class while you're bored out of your mind (or email at work for that matter)? No one better than a friend.

I feel like I'm missing something...there's something on the tip of my tongue (and my fingers) that I really want to say, yet it's not coming. How can a Blogger have writer's block!?!?!

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