Thursday, June 5, 2008

Five Things I Love Today

1. Gardetto's Deli-Style Mustard Pretzels - so tasty, and only two grams of fat per serving

2. Black & Decker Mini Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe - I'm trying to lay off the Starbucks, since I've been going once and even (gulp) twice a day. So today I brewed some Starbucks Christmas Blend (my favorite!) at my desk and it was delicious.

3. Mini Artist's Model - I randomly bought one of those little artist's model people because I thought it was fun. Little did I know it'd turn out to be the most-used thing on my desk at work. You can shape it to be happy, mad, ready to kick something, whatever...lately, it's been ready to kick something.

4. - I bought three books today, and now I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival. I also spent quite a bit of time looking at the Amazon Kindle. I want one. Enough said.

5. Email - Right now I have two friends/relatives in the hospital: one is my grandpa (they're not sure what's wrong with him) and the other is a friend who is incredibly young (30-ish) who has been in a coma for a week due to E-coli! I love email because I'm getting constant, detailed updates about them both and about how well they're improving.

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  1. #5... I am so sorry to hear about your Gramps and friend. :( You hanging in there?


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