Monday, May 5, 2008

What a weekend!

My weekend went like this:

Friday I left work at 2:00 to go to E&H's so E and Hubby-to-be could take his truck to the transmission shop. HTB convinced me to bring Bruiser, who has not yet spent enough time with Gus to be buddies. Little H opened the sliding glass door, Gus came bounding in, Bruiser freaked out, and in the ruckus I slammed my head against the tile counter. Yep, it hurt. In fact, it still hurts.

Saturday was kick-back, which I needed. I spent the day at a yard sale, and although I didn't sell anything, I had a good time just relaxing and hanging out. Then, Saturday night was H's birthday party at Mom and Dad's.

Sunday was good - Mom and I spent the day making wedding invitations, and they look pretty darn cute! Even Dad helped out, putting the stamps on the response envelopes (which Hubby-to-be had addressed, thank you honey); pictures to come soon.

Sunday night, the suckiness started. I got halfway down Mom and Dad's driveway and a light came on on my dash. Having no idea what that particular light meant, I stopped and got my book out of my trunk. Apparently it's something to do with the emissions, and if it stays on it says "Continue driving at reduced power until you reach a service station." I was in freaking Placerville, how was I supposed to drive all the way home at reduced power?? So, back up the driveway I went. Long story short, I cleaned out my embarrassingly dirty car, took Mom's car home and Dad took my car to a shop today. I got home at 9:30 or so and stayed up until midnight doing work, ick.

Let's hope my car costs less than HTB's transmission. The shop just called him and told him how much the final cost was...let's just say ouch. It's dang near a whole month's salary!

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