Wednesday, May 7, 2008

7 Small Steps to a Healthy You

I read this article today on, and it really made sense. So often in life, I fall victim to what they call the "END" - Everything Now Dilemma. I try to radically change every aspect of my life at once, and then three weeks later everything is worse. You can read the entire article here, but below I've listed the 7 small steps to a healthy you that they describe in the article:

Monday: Back to work or school. Resolve that all you will do differently today will be to make sure to eat two or more pieces of fresh fruit. Any time, any way.

Tuesday: Today you will set some goals. Plan where you would like to be by the end of the month, then the end of the year — both in your private and personal life. Write these goals in your diary or stick them where you'll see them.

Wednesday: Water day. Eat that fruit, keep your goals in mind and drink six or more glasses of water. Add variety with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. Or sip on herbal tea if you prefer.

Thursday: Add in some exercise. Go for a (20 to 30 minute) walk. Walk in the park, around your neighborhood or head for the mall and do some fast-paced window shopping ... but don't forget the fruit, the water and to review your goals.

Friday: Fruit, walk, water, goals ... it's getting easier. So this is the day you give your diet a spring cleaning. Eliminate foods that are not helping you stay trim and healthy. You know what they are.

Saturday: Pay day. Well done! You're still drinking plenty of water, including fresh fruit in your diet, exercising, eating well and generally staying on track with your life. Spoil yourself with a special treat. Go on, you deserve it. Have some frozen yogurt for dessert, take in that new movie or plan a weekend away.

Sunday: Traditionally a day of rest. And you can rest, too, since relaxation is key to maintaining control over your new healthy regimen. Take time to lie in a hammock and gaze at the clouds. Put on a facial mask, take a long, luxurious bubble bath, read a book or play with your pet.
Now that wasn't so hard, was it? By the end of just one week you are happier, brighter, healthier and ready to keep going — because you know it takes just three weeks to create a habit. Except you will have created seven by then.

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