Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Purse Update...and more updates

So my friend told me I did a very good job of analyzing her purse, with one exception. In the little black makeup bag she does not carry makeup...instead she carries all those annoying store club cards that you hate to carry, but always end up needing. Not a bad idea, I must say - my wallet is so fat because of those things!

How many of you want to hear wedding updates? Well, here you go. I always assumed I'd be a fanatical wedding-planning bride, but because of work, I just don't have time (which I think I'm starting to resent...I want to enjoy my wedding planning). My point being, at this point in the process I should have a countdown going...but I don't. I'll figure it out, or someone figure it out and send it to me please.

Well, I finally have a florist, one that is less than half the price of the first one I went to (wow), and who I think will do a really good job. I met with the owner of the inn where we'll be married, and we have all those details in place; ceremony set-up, linen colors, cake, food, etc. Yahoo! I still have a lot to do, but it seems that the main things are in place.

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