Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Inaugural Purse Pictures

Yay for my friend who sent me pictures of her purse! At least someone out there is reading this thing (though in her email to me she did say, and I quote "I feel like such a weirdo"). So, here are the pictures that my anonymous friend sent me (although for those of you who also know her, it'll be fairly easy to figure it out).

Okay, time for the analysis. Assuming I didn't already know this person, I'd say that obviously, she likes nice things, since she has both a Coach bag and wallet. She's extremely neat, judging by the lack of gum wrappers, receipts and other trash that normally floats around in the bottom of purses. In addition to being neat, she is also very clean, simply looking at the hand sanitizer. I see some Weight Watchers material, so she's actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle (and doing an amazing job, I happen to know). I can't tell what's in the little makeup bag, but the fact that the chapstick and lip gloss are out mean they're frequently used; she always puts her best face forward and looks flawless at all times. Finally, the fact that she carries stamps with her, along with a flash drive, mean she's organized and always prepared (unless of course the stamps are a one-time occurrence, in which case that's a fluke).

So, how'd I do?

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