Saturday, January 19, 2008

The wedding planning is in full swing!

Today Grant and I went to the tasting held at the Monte Verde Inn where we'll be getting married in June. Each January the Monte Verde invites all of their brides and grooms for the year to taste lots of food from the menu and meet their preferred vendors. For seven months now I've been hearing how great the Monte Verde's food is from vendors at bridal shows, and let me tell was good!

They have three menu packages, and they had a sampling of food from each one: caribbean crab and shrimp cakes with mango salsa, warm potato gnocchi with a porcini mushroom-marsala tomato sauce, basil and reggiano, and warm smoked prawns with chipotle BBQ sauce. YUM!! And after all that, they brought out a tray of SIX different kinds of cake for you to try. I actually went home and took a nap!

So rest assured dear family and friends - you will be well fed come wedding time!

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