Thursday, January 31, 2008

See April Work

Since my blog is actually titled "See April Work," I thought I'd show you where I work. Don't worry, I just mean my desk. I won't say where I work (for those of you out there in blogland who don't know me personally), and none of the pictures show any identifying information. But, since I spend the majority of my life at work, here you go.
Here is the view when you walk into my cubicle (yes, I have a cubicle again...but I hear when we move floors I'll be moving back into an office). Can anyone find my iced latte on the desk?? And notice the card on the wall that shows two cute little wiener dogs (not nearly as cute as my Bruiser).

Here's the left side of my cubicle, when standing at the entrance (it's sort of messy). Notice my awesome old-fashioned stapler by the light?? And what is that in the window, you may ask? It's a Governator bobble-head. Emily always turns him around or puts him in a corner.

This is looking out from my cubicle (well the right side of the cubicle near the door). I don't like files on my desk but these are my working files, as well as my inbox and some special projects. And yes, I have a whiteboard. I love it. I wish it were bigger.

This is a close-up of my desk area. That's Mom's cool electric stapler that shows you the inner workings (I asked for it when she retires but she gave it to me early). Then there's my little dollar piggy-bank from Target to hold my change. Me and Grant, my awesome double-sided stamps (everyone should have those) and my other electric stapler. Yes, I have three staplers. I just can't get rid of them. The one on the left is decorative, the one on the right is the most efficient stapler I've ever had, and my cool old fashioned one is, well, cool.

Okay, last one - here's me sitting at my desk (sorry it's blurry). Get it, "See April Work." Okay I'm not working, but it's after five so I can take my picture if I want.

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