Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random thought for the day

I truly am getting old. A week and a half ago I turned 26. I know you're thinking, now that's not old, but at age 21 I made all kinds of goals for myself to achieve by 25 and 30, and I have achieved ONE of the goals by 25. So now I'm another year old and I'm feeling it. I got on the bus this evening after a particularly draining day of work, and at the next stop two girls get on and sit behind me. Here's the gist of their conversation:

Girl 1: "Oh I'm taking so many classes because this is my last semester. I'm just going to be swamped. And my birthday is the week the semester starts so I can't even do anything fun."

Girl 2: "Bummer that sucks. How old are you going to be?"

Girl 1: "23."

Girl 2: "Oh man."

Girl 1: "I know, I'm getting so old. I'm not worried about 23, but I'm pretty worried about 24. I mean, it's so old and you have to be so...responsible. I mean, most people are worried about 25 but I'm totally freaked out about 24."

Girl 2: "I know, I'm going to be 23 in October, and I'm already starting to feel old. Ick."

Thank goodness I got off the bus after that. I don't think I could have taken any more.

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  1. Ha, ha! I am so enjoying reading (and catching up on) all your blogs! This one in particular cracks me up. I think I thought that way when I was 23. Now that I am so much older and wiser (ha, ha... 25 in Dec. of 07), I realize, like you, how hard it is to truly create your own destiny and achieve those "before 25" and "before 30" goals. Sometimes I wake up hoping that I can get through the day with me sanity, let alone tackling that life's goal list after work (along with the ever present "get healthy" thing). Hang in there. You are soooo not alone in feeling like you do! :)


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