Friday, January 18, 2008

Obedience school is...interesting

Last night Bruiser went to his second obedience class. At the first class, my adorable 12-lb dog barked madly at a 100-lb Newfoundland puppy. Who barked right back. Last night, Bruiser only barked twice, and he has got the walking and staying with me thing down. There arose a problem, however, when we attempted "sit." First, if you have a dog that is, say, a Golden Retriever, you can simply lean over and push down on their butt when they ignore the sit command. Not so with a wiener dog, who is so incredibly short you can't reach him, and whose back you can't push hard on. I spent all of last night kneeling down (on a hard, cold concrete floor) trying to get my notoriously stubborn Miniature Dachshund to bend those short little legs and sit. It didn't work that well. I know he can sit, because he does it all the time at home. As I spent more and more time on that floor I began to realize that Bruiser really is smarter than me - that floor was too cold and there was no way he was going to put his butt on it. As I was still kneeling down there.

Anyway, we have a lot of practicing to do for sit. Here are a few Bruiser pictures to enjoy. I took them from my phone so they're a little fuzzy. Next week I'll take pictures of puppy class so you can see the hilarity of Bruiser surrounded by a bunch of huge dogs.

And here's one more - this one is really fuzzy, but it cracks me up. I always compare Bruiser to a piglet. He's the same size, his legs are the same length, and his body is shaped the same way. After one particularly long walk, Bruiser was exhausted. He came home and didn't even want to lay in my lap - he just crashed in the middle of the living room floor. Too cute!

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