Friday, January 25, 2008

Nothing exciting this week...

Well not much happened this week. I've been super busy because in addition to work and Grant starting school, I completed a project management course this week. That's not too exciting in general, but it's pretty exciting to me! I learned a lot about paired-comparison approach, linear relationship theory, and much, much more. While those things may sound boring, they're actually cool approaches to managing multiple priorities and projects.

Bruiser and I went to class again yesterday, and we sort of failed. Bruiser can walk very well on a leash, but that's sort of it in class. He barked quite a bit again last night and even snapped at two dogs. At least he didn't snap at Penguin the Newfoundland again, who outweighs him by at least 100 pounds! Nope, Bruiser and Penguin seem to be friends; it's the smaller dogs Bruiser doesn't like. Renee (one of the trainers) says that Bruiser doesn't like to do things like "sit" in class because it's a cold cement floor and he doesn't want to get his little butt cold. That seems to be sort of true, because Bruiser and I practiced in the house tonight and he could do sit, down, and down-stay (at least for a few seconds).

Since not much happened this week, I found some old pictures to put up that I just thought were cute. When Bruiser was little, before he chewed his second and final bed to pieces, this is how he would sleep in it:

He'd start out all cozy in the bed. Suddenly, he'd be halfway out of the bed. Next, he'd be almost all the way out of the bed. Finally, he'd be curled up in the middle of the floor, no where near his bed!

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