Monday, January 21, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice

I have always loved the show The Apprentice. I love The Donald. I even like that he added Ivanka (I thought she was going to be just another spoiled socialite, but she's smart and tough and I think adds to the show). I watch the Apprentice and I want to go out and be a tough-cookie corporate type who rules the world.

Last night I went to my friend Venetia's house and we had a Celebrity Apprentice mini-marathon. I missed the first epidsode, so she's been Tivo'ing them for me and we watched all three last night. I LOVE Celebrity Apprentice! I was absolutely enthralled for all three episodes - I know I'm a TV geek, but I can't help it. How could you not like it??? I like that they're playing for charities, not for a job, so they're not just people kissing up to The Donald all the time.

Right now, the guys are way ahead. The Playmate, Nadia (the gymnast) and Gene Simmons are all gone. I can't wait to see who goes next. I'd love for it to be Omarosa, but I have a feeling she's going to stick around. I hope the celebrities start helping her with her outfits, because those short skirts and funky collars she's wearing have got to go!

Anyone else watching Celebrity Apprentice??? I can't wait until the next episode!

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  1. I actually agree with you on this. Ivanka is a surprose! I am not a TV show fanatic, but I do like this show. I'm facinated by the celebrities personalities. I hope they have many more seasons of this.


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