Saturday, December 8, 2007

A tiny dog in a sweater

This is my adorable little boy Bruiser. He's a six-month old Miniature Dachsund, and no, he's not named after that Chihuahua in Legally Blonde. He is a tiny dog that needed a tough name. I thought I'd share a couple of cute pictures that I just snapped of him. It's getting cold here out west, so I bought him a little sweatshirt. I know, everybody makes fun of little dogs with clothes - shoot, up until six months ago, I made more fun of them than anyone else (well, not the dogs, but their owners). But apparently little dogs really do get cold really easily. Anyway, here he is in his sweatshirt that even has a pocket!! How cute is that?
Here's one more for you. Today Bruiser was sleeping (which occupies most of his time) and he woke up, got out of his bed, and jumped right up in the big chair. Now, does a 12-lb dog need all that space? No. Will he share the chair with you? Not a chance. Will he start to growl at you if you try to pick him up out of that chair? Yep. I know, spoiled rotten already.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Product Reviews

I've bought some new makeup recently, mostly on the advice of fellow blogger Allie. Everyday she takes a picture of what she's wearing and her makeup and posts it on her blog - I'm addicted to it! She put up some product reviews recently, so I decided to give some of them a try. The rest of the products that I bought on her recommendation are coming in the mail...I'll post a review when I receive them.

First was Nars Dolce Vita lipstick. Man, this lipstick feels good! It feels expensive, creamy, and is supposedly the most-wearable lipstick color for the majority of women. Well, this time I seem to be in the minority, because it just looked alright on me. It wasn't terrible, but the pinky/berry undertones of the lipstick made my skin with red undertones look redder. I think this really is a lipstick that most women can wear, but lots of things turn orangey on me, and this seems to be one of them.

The second thing I bought was Clinque Perfect Plum lipstick. This wasn't one of Allie's recommendations, but one I found on my own. I LOVE this lipstick! I wasn't sure of the color in the tube, but on it's this gorgeous berry/pinkie color that makes my eyes look really blue and my skin look really clear. It's super moisturizing too. The only problem is that it tends to wear off pretty quickly, and I'm not good at remembering to reapply. Once I master that, I'll be happy, because this is one fantastic lipstick!

The last thing I got was Sally Hansen's Airbrush Makeup. I was watching a What Not to Wear marathon recently and I noticed that the makeup lady always uses an aerosol makeup, and the people always look fantastic. I didn't know if it was from the makeup itself or the aerosol, so I decided to try this one when I saw it. When I first put it on, I was amazed - my skin looked fantastic!! However, after a day of wear, I was less than impressed. The makeup had gotten blotchy and I could see a lot of the redness of my skin peeking through. I tried again the next day, with the same results. Plus, under my eyes the makeup had settled so that it looked like I had big old lines!! I'm 25, and I haven't seen lines yet - let me tell you, that was a bad night. It was also the last time that I wore this makeup. It's too bad, because it really, really looked good when I first put it on. This one will not be a repeat purchase for me.

These are a few of my favorite things...

The other day my friend said someone asked her to name six things she couldn’t live without. I thought it sounded like fun so I thought of six things that I couldn’t live without at this point in my life. I didn’t include things like family and friends, because those are things I think most people can’t live without. This is my less-serious list, in no particular order. I told my friend about it and she said, “Wow, that is a really well-rounded, accurate description of you.” So I guess you’ll learn a lot about me in this post!

1. My purse – My purse is my world. It holds everything: my phone, my planner, iPod, money, make-up, lists. Everything. When I’m bored and sitting around, say waiting for an appointment or on a bus, there’s always something to do in my purse.

2. Google – I don’t know how I lived without Google. When I don’t know the answer to something, I Google it. My coworker will think out loud with a question and in seconds, I can email her the answer. I even Google myself sometimes – if you haven’t done it, you should try it.
3. The book The Devil Wears Prada – This is my all-time favorite book. Lots of people make fun of me for that, but I don’t care (and if you’ve only seen the movie, the movie is good, but the book is SO much better). I first read this book when I had a horrible, evil boss, so I could totally relate to it. I read this book all the time.

4. Office supplies – Office supplies, you may ask? I’ve loved office supplies since I was a little kid. In fact, one year for my birthday my parents got me a box of post-its, a few stamps and one of those bells you ring for customer service. It was the best birthday. I think if you have fun office supplies, it just makes working more fun!

5. My Blackberry/Planner – I use both a Blackberry and a paper planner. They hold everything – calendars, contacts, lists, passwords, wedding vendors and other planning info. I have a horrible short term memory, so I’m constantly writing things down and referring back to my notes.

6. Starbucks – I’m an addict, I admit it. I try making coffee drinks at home, and sometimes they’re fine, but I really enjoy going to get coffee. Somehow it tastes better out of one of those Starbucks cups! And I’m SO excited that they have the holiday drinks – gingerbread lattes and the red holiday cups, here I come!