Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm nosy and I know it

Okay, I'm nosy. I love gossip and being in the know. I don't have to turn around and share the gossip, but I do love it when people share it with me. I'm like Elaine on Seinfeld - I've got "The Vault."

Another part of my nosiness is that I love to see how people live. I love taking walks at night around the neighborhood and looking at people's houses - how they decorate, what kind of furniture they have, what colors they've painted their walls. FI teases me and calls me a stalker, but really, it's not the people I'm interested in, just their stuff. I know it sounds weird (maybe not to all of you) but I'm fascinated with how people live! Is there a job where I could just study this all the time?

One other fascination I have is what women carry in their handbags. You already know my purse is my world; it has everything in it. I think I want to know what everyone carries around because the contents of a woman's purse describe her - you could find out whatever you needed to know about a woman just by looking in her purse. Stuff that she wouldn't normally tell you would be described by the contents of her purse. Like me. I have a Coach makeup bag and a Coach planner = I like brand names. I have about 20 different pens and pencils, plus some Post-its = I love to write and I'm obsessed with office supplies. I carry at least five different lipsticks = I love makeup.

I'll even show you my purse, just to be fair...this is the bag that my fiance got me for my birthday this past year. My birthday is coming up soon - this one has survived almost a year!!

So what do I have in my purse? Okay, you can see that too.

1. My green wallet from Nine West. Most of my wardrobe and most of my purses are black, so I got this wallet to spice things up a bit.
2. My Blackberry, cell (pink's my favorite color!) and iPod
3. Coach makeup bag (not really a makeup bag but it works)
4. Badge for work (not a bad picture)
5. Pens, highlighters
6. Glasses case, weight watchers points calculator, sunglasses, gum, yet another lipstick and powder.
7. Oh yeah and it looks like there's a piece of chocolate in there!

So is it just me, or is there anyone else out there that is fascinated with the way people live and the stuff that they have? Is my desire to know what other people have just a desire to keep up with the Joneses? Who knows, but I figure at least I have a healthy curiosity!

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