Friday, November 30, 2007


Hi Everyone! I'm April, welcome to my blog. I'll tell you right off the bat it's pretty random. I decided I needed a place to keep random thoughts, vents, and whatever else comes to mind. Here's a bit about me - I'm sort of all over the board. I'm 25, have an okay government job, and I'm getting married next year. I love to organize, I love office supplies, and I have a major purse fetish. I read books on management and think they're exciting. I have a Miniature Dachsund puppy who looks adorable in sweaters and is afraid of little dogs. I think Matt Damon and Harrison Ford are hot. I don't like talking on the phone but I'm addicted to my Blackberry. I can't stand stupid people and I don't have patience for those who lack self-confidence. Believe in yourself before you come whining to me.

Anyways, what did I tell you - I'm sort of all over the place...enjoy!

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